Q & A

1. Q: How many days can I receive the product after payment? A: Delivery date is 2 days after payment confirmed, while estimated arrival date depends on the destinations buyers dedicate and the importing routine of different countries.

2. Q: Where are the bicycles made?  A: All bicycles supplied by us are all made in Taiwan. 

3. Q: What will be the package if I order your bicycles? A: We use Taiwan made 5 layers corrugated boxes to protect the bicycles during transportation. We can do 85% or 100% package according to your request.

4. Q: Do I have to assemble any part by myself when I receive it? A: We've already do 100% assembly work and quality check before delivery, all you need to do is pedals installation, and safety check before riding is strongly suggested. 

5. Q: Where can I buy your bicycles in my country?  A: Please check distributors contact information via ABOUT US_Where To Buy for more information. 

 Find our products/distributors in your country

TOP-BIKE distributors  <South Korea>

Company name: Bike Family

Contact person: Mr. Bong-Ju Goh

Tel.: +82-2-471-7798

E-mail:  sales@bikefamily.co.kr

TOP-BIKE distributors  <Peru>

Company name: DRN Perú Eirl

Contact person: Mr. Juan Tello / Import Dept.


E-mail: jftello@hotmail.com; jtello@lafabricaw.com

TOP-BIKE distributors  <Mexico>

Company name: Creatividad Deportiva S.A de C.V.

Contact person: Mr. Jose Juan Pigeon C.

Tel.:52(55)56886326, 52(55)54458779

E-mail: o2lifefitness@gmail.com

TOP-BIKE distributors  <Singapore>

Company name: Cheap John's Enterprise

Contact person: Mr. Suresh S. Palani

Tel.:(65)6753 7134, (65)6753 6023

E-mail: cheapjohnent@gmail.com

TOP-BIKE distributors  <Malaysia>

Company name: Aimbike My Ent.

Contact person: Mr. Wayne Ng.


E-mail: aimbike_my@yahoo.com